Country: Israel-Palestine

Circus Action started in 2011 as an activist group that brought juggling workshops to struggling communities and protest events meant to promote democracy, equality, human rights and social justice.

The idea is to create an open circus in which everyone can take part; thus, we connect the joy and empowerment the circus can bring to its performers, to the struggles we support.

For more than three years we gave workshops in protest tents, squats and prisons; to families fortifying in their homes to prevent eviction, to community events of the less privileged, and to demonstrations.

These events benefited color and happiness, an active participation of the children, and an irresistible attraction for the media.

In 2014 we turned Circus Action into a social business, and moved into a brightly colored house truck. We now travel the country, making our living from commercial juggling workshops, while expending our availability for voluntary work.

Our truck, our costumes and most of our equipment is self made, and often from recycled metrical. we use solar electricity to power our lighting and sound system, and above all implement non-violent communication (NVC) in our workshop and outside it.