Word from the Founder

I grew up in a little town in Ukraine in the soviet era during late 70th when culture of performing arts where widely popular and was fully subsided by Government. Each city, town and even little villages had their own cultural centers educating kids with circus, dance, music or theater. Giving us kids an opportunity to learn and to discover our artistic talents. Each studio had a dedicated teacher and we where learning various programs, creating various acts, performing for local communities and growing up been active and happy. That is where my journey began since I was 6 years old. I was introduced to Circus as an art form, respected and with full of opportunities and its own history, giving me opportunity to become who I am today.
This was an ideal platform for an artistic education for children giving us as children an opportunity to discover art forms suitable to our personal needs and giving us a opportunity to follow our hearts and develop our training in art programs we would choose. As a kid, teenager or an adult I never had to decide who I want to be. It was like a beautiful gift giving to me by the children education system in my era and I am so great full for that.
In the children circus studio it happens that I loved juggling the most and my teacher noticing my passion to juggling. One day he hand me the red juggling ball to keep as a symbol of my love to this beautiful art form – juggling. He told me to keep it with as long as I will be passionate about circus. I kept it with me ever since and became the symbol of passion, love and creativity through out my career. Everywhere I had performed, every act I had created a red ball was integrated in as a center core of my performance. It grew with me as an artist and as a human being always remembering my childhood and an opportunity that was giving to me by that time.

Across my entire career I always search for an opportunity to give back, to make a difference in people’s life, empower them same as I was back in my childhood. I believe that art empowers a better life, giving people happiness and joy. In some cases changing their life completely, like it happen to me. That is why I opened my foundation and no surprise that a symbol of it became a red ball. Symbol of inspiration, passion, creativity. Passing it along to others empowering world for a better life.

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