Country: Argentina

Gonzalo started as a dancer at the Municipal School of Dance Coronel Suárez in 2004 to 2007 specializing in Argentine folklore. In 2007 starts in the circus taking the whole circus training in the “Circus Social Del Sur “with a duration of two years in the city of Pehuajo. As a teacher he worked in the “Creative Circus Social Action” in the city of Coronel Suárez juggling giving regular classes for children in hazardous areas (2011/2013). Since 2008 is perfect in juggling and dance taking classes with teachers Marco Paoletti, Tomas Soko, Patricio House. He has attended workshops and seminars Scenic Creation of Paul Perasso, Special Choreographic Creation for Juggling with Emiliano Sanchez Alessi, Creating Sequences with Aron Tobias. Physical training with Analia Slonimsky, Contemporary Dance with Rakhal Herrero, Laura Aguerreberry, Natalia Tenser. In 2013 he was Invited to join the group “Recircle” for Creation “Project San Manuel “. In late 2014 he was summoned by Marco Paoletti to form part of ” Open Circle ‘foundation project Viktor Kee closing Festival Gala in Rosario with the show ” Time to time. ‘