Country: Chile

Alvaro Palominos was born in Chile in 1984, he start to juggle in 1997 with tennis balls and got his best juggling record with 11 balls in 2003.
In 2005 while he studied Engineering at University of Valparaíso, he travel showing his art and learning new techniques to Argentine, Brazil, Uruguay, México, France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

In 2010 after boing title he create 531 Circus Company and got 2 prices of Government of Chile to travel around the country doing shows and workshops for childrens.

In 2014 has invited to be volunteer in Viktor Kee Foundation, and start to create methodologies to teach juggling to kids.

In 2015, start to teach juggling in “Cuerda Firme proyect” of Circo del Mundo-Chile, developing socioemotional skills in secondary schools. The same year he worked every day in “4 a 7 program” teaching juggling in primary school to vulnerability kids.

In 2017, has invited for Mathematics Institute of Valparaíso, to do Conferences of juggling and mathematics in Science fairs around Chile. That year he start to research juggling with 4 gymnastic teachers to write the book and film the Dvd “Pedagogy of juggling” to give all his knowledge to  South American educators.